Monday, January 02, 2006

ESPECIAL "ESCALA EN HI FI". Mis 101 discos de 2.005 (1)

101. Acid House Kings. "Sing alon with AHK"
100. Arthur H. "Adieu tristesse"
99. Royksopp. "The understanding advance"
98. Richard Hawley. "Coles corner"
97. Iron & Wine con Calexico. "In the reins"
96. The Decemberists. "Picaresque"
95. My Latest Novel. "Sister Sneaker Sister Soul"
94. Super Furry Animals. "Love Kraft"
93.Jana Hunter. "Blank unstaring heirs of doom"
92.Entre Rios. "Onda"
91. The Clientele. "Strange Geometry"
90. Sébastien Schuller. "Happiness"
89. The Montgolfier Brothers. "All my bad thoughts"
88. Coralié Clément. "Bye Bye Beauté"
87. South San Gabriel. "The Carlton Chronicles"


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